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In order to access our directory of services, please choose the relevant hospital from the choices below.

In order to access our directory of services, please choose the relevant hospital from the choices below.


Much needed and respected resource! We couldn't have got sorted without it!

It answered a lot of concerns I would otherwise be in the dark about.

Friendly and nice to talk to someone when feeling down they gave advice on where to find help.

MTSP Patient Feedback, Coventry
After major trauma, it is very reassuring to know that there is someone who will listen and point you in the right direction for any services that you may require.

I was delighted to have this service as I had started to worry about financial and legal affairs for my daughter after the accident. It was extremely helpful

Helped signpost us to getting on with the practical things we needed to do at such a difficult time. Gave us the appropriate level of support and advice - could not speak highly enough of the team.

MTSP Patient Feedback, Manchester
I found it very useful to have someone on hand to contact you while you are in hospital. It took all the worry away and you had someone to guide you in the right direction.

It is a very useful service, I didn't know this existed. When Alison came to the unit it made me feel that people were concerned about ME and not just my injuries. It helped me come to terms with what had happened.

Really helpful for people to know about their rights after an accident.

MTSP Patient Feedback, Brighton
This is an excellent service helping people in unfamiliar circumstances. Very much to be encouraged.

As an immigrant to the UK, it was hugely empowering and helpful. THANK YOU.

Very useful to help get your bearings after an accident.

MTSP Patient Feedback, St George’s
Chantel was a really great help for us. For my mum and us as a family as we have never been through this trauma before and didn’t know exactly what to do. Was very friendly and very thankful for all her help.

During a very difficult time the MTSP service is extremely valuable.

They are helpful for my ongoing needs relating to benefits.

MTSP Patient Feedback, Addenbrookes
Very supportive and reassuring, providing valuable assistance during an extremely stressful period.

My experience was very good and very informative everything I needed to know was explained clearly to me. A very overall good experience.

A complete service, helpful and considerate. Very informative service given by all.

MTSP Patient Feedback, Kings